Miele Aesthetics offers a broad spectrum of non-surgical facial treatments to individuals by incorporating advance technology. This includes both dermal filler and anti-wrinkle treatments suitable for both, males and females. The chief aesthetician is equipped with the latest knowledge associated with non-surgical skin care and hence, deliver only exclusive services to the clients.

Are you experiencing early signs of ageing? Or perhaps you are concerned about the undesirable facial lines and wrinkles that are becoming visible with time.


Miele Aesthetics works with a mission moving beyond client satisfaction. Our aim is to provide non-surgical anti-ageing treatment to individuals that is safe, efficient and reveals the finest results. Our purpose is to reduce the appearance of those unwanted lines/ wrinkles and volume loss which is part of the ageing process as-well as those intrinsic and extrinsic factors that the clients are exposed to in everyday life.

Samantha Taylor MD, BS (Hons), RGN

The founder of Miele Aesthetics, Samantha is a professionally trained and certified nurse and aesthetic practitioner. Samantha acquired practical aesthetic training from a reputed and renowned trainer, Harley Academy, accomplishing Level 7 training in non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Being insured with a prestigious cosmetic insurance company, Hamilton Fraser, she now serves a huge client base in her clinic by offering state-of-the-art non-surgical cosmetic facilities. Hence, she offers a complete facial restoration, revitalisation and regeneration to clients requiring a transformation from an ageing skin.

With an extensive training and a long-term experience within the medical career, Samantha ensures to address to the latest call of non-surgical procedures. She persistently upgrades and progresses her cosmetic expertise and knowledge base, ensuring to provide remarkable services in the aesthetic industry in order to achieve realistic expectations of clients.


At Miele Aesthetics we provide non-surgical facial treatments in West Midlands, England, to help our clients achieve the perfect facial results that they are looking for, by incorporating a procedure that is authentic and safe by all means. Our top most priority is to deliver optimum results to our clients beyond their level of expectations in a reliable and genuine manner. Therefore, our highly experienced and certified aesthetician integrates her vast knowledge with state-of-the art techniques and methods to provide exclusive treatments to the clients. No matter what it is that you are seeking to address, initiate with a private consultation with Samantha Taylor who will cater to your needs with a bespoke treatment.
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